Monday 23 June 2014

"You have spoken,
We have listened, 
And this report is the bellbird’s song”.
The People’s Inquiry into Addressing Child Abuse and Domestic Violence, June 2014 

The People’s Report: Keeping it Real

The People’s Report was launched this week by Patron Dame Cath Tizard. This bellbird song that is the People’s Report stands apart from the usual policy documents crafted by policy people who for the most part draw on imagination or second-hand references, at best. The bellbird song is raw and uncomfortable in places but it also carries with it a mana that reflects the bravery of 500 people who came forward to share their experience of abuse and family violence (victims/perpetrators and front-line workers) in the hope that real change would happen for others but “especially their children and grandchildren”. Yes, there have been ups and downs, but as Dame Cath Tizard said at the launch “the objective of the report was just too important” not to support this work all the way through “this lady was not for turning”. And nor should the rest of us. Child abuse and family violence are significant issues in New Zealand communities. Sir Owen Glen recognised the tragedy of this, and the need to engage with people who had lived through these experiences to find out what worked for them and what didn't. There is a lot of good work going on in this space already, including the Vulnerable Children’s Bill, but let’s ensure we also draw on the insights of the People’s Report so we keep our responses real and effective! Watch this space for the forthcoming Blueprint for dealing with child abuse and domestic violence, and paper on the economic cost of domestic violence.

Welcome to the new NZCCSS President Lisa Woolley

News from the Council 

Welcome to Lisa Woolley who is the new President of NZCCSS.  Lisa is CEO of VisionWest Community Trust which provides a wide range of community services to more than 10,500 individuals and families in West Auckland every year.   During her term, Lisa aims to reduce inequality  to help overcome the huge structural pressures on New Zealand’s most vulnerable families. 

NZCCSS Hosted Post Budget Breakfast – democracy at work

NZCCSS recently hosted a Post-Budget Breakfast attended by the Hon Bill English and Hon Paula Bennett, along with a broad group of NZCCSS service providers and other NGO organisations. Following a breakfast-in-schools start, there were robust discussions across politicians and attendees. Minister English acknowledged the depth and experience of the sector, and the link between what works in the community, works for the government’s books (some might prefer to call this strategic planning or spending to save over the long run). During the course of the breakfast much more was discussed and debated and it would be reasonable to say everyone, including our politicians, left the breakfast understanding a bit more about each other’s viewpoints, whether they agreed with them or not. Democracy in Action.

Building Up to the Election

It’s count down to the September 2014 election and there is a lot happening in this space across the NGO sector

Closer Together Whakatata Mai

Keep a close eye on Closer Together Whakatata Mai  for updates on NZCCSS work building up to the election, and if you are on facebook go to

Launch Tick for Kids Campaign – It Takes a Child to Raise a Country !

The Tick for Kids campaign was launched in Auckland this week at Grey Lynn School. There was cross party attendance at the launch - Alfred Ngaro, Michael Wood, Metiria Turei, Brendan Horan, and Laila Harre, and some every astute questions from children. Tick for Kids is working to engage the public in the election campaign to bring a focus to children's rights and interests, and to encourage all political parties to have strong policies. NZCCSS supported the Tick for Kids campaign, calling for government policies “that lift the household income of vulnerable families so they can provide a healthy standard of living for their children “. For more information about the tick for kids campaign, please visit www.tick4kids. You can also follow the campaign on Twitter @tick4kids and Facebook

Child of One Child of All - Election Statement.

Social Service Providers Aotearoa (SSPA) has prepared an election statement “Child of One Child of All” that seeks to engage with political leaders to korero on 3 key strategic questions:

· What social development policies will make the difference for vulnerable children and their families?

· How will they address structural causes of children’s and families’ vulnerability?

· How will political parties ensure improved outcomes for all?

CPAG Election Focus - Our Children, Our Choice: Priorities for Policy

CPAG has released a discussion series – Our children, Our choices: Priorities for Policy. The series will focus on health, housing, education and income. Part 1: Child Poverty and Health has already been published.  Part 2 : Education and Child Poverty will be released on 3 July 2014. For more information go to the CPAG website.

Enduring Powers of Attorney

The Minister for Senior Citizens has reported to Parliament on the consultation process held last year on Enduring Powers of Attorney (EPA). Changes are planned to the legislation covering EPAs and an information campaign is about to be launched to increase the public’s understanding of EPAs as well as lawyers, health professionals understanding of roles and responsibilities relating to EPAs. Read more on the MSD website:

Shaking off Ethnocentricity one Iwi/hapu at a time

A new agreement has been signed between CYF and Ngati Kahungunu, which follows on from similar Memorandums of Understanding signed with Ngapuhi, Ngati Porou, and Waikato-Tainui. “These Memorandums of understanding are an important part of child youth and family’s strategic plan, which aims to incorporate Maori values and beliefs into the work done to protect and nurture vulnerable children”.

Child Poverty In Aotearoa

Catriona MacLennan, lawyer, journalist and social activist has launched a new tv series about child poverty in aotearoa. It’s a great first step for those wanting to understand more about what is happening in our communities. Supported by CPAG , this is a six-part series and features interviews with some of our leading child experts and community advocates.

Access to Medicine by Vulnerable Groups

A new independent study shows access to medicines by vulnerable groups in the community and increasing costs remain a challenge.  One of a range of barriers identified in the study is the increase of prescription fees from $3 to $5, an issue raised often by NZCCSS members. Read the report for more information.

Survey on How the Public Interpret Better Public Services Targets

Don’t miss having your say! Rethinking Crime and Punishment are conducting a survey to find out how the public interpret both the Better Public Services Targets, and the progress update. The survey will take about 5 minutes, and can be found here  For information contact Kim Workman

Launch of "Child Poverty in New Zealand"

Professor Jonathan Boston and Simon Chapple recently launched their Child Poverty in New Zealand. The book asks three questions: “Why child poverty matters, How best to reduce child poverty, and Mitigating the impacts of child poverty”. The book is targeted to a wide audience and the focus is on practical, cost effective and achievable policy changes, and is another significant contribution by both authors on this important social issue.


Disability Action Plan 2014-2018 Announced
The Minister for Disability Issues Tariana Turia has announced the Disability Action Plan 2014-2018 today. The new plan is a collaborative effort between government agencies and representatives from Disabled People’s Organisations (DPO’s).

Guidelines for School Food Programmes
These guidelines are for schools that want to have a successful food programme – whether they are just thinking about where to start, or wanting to improve an existing one.

Government Response to Universal Periodic review
Government has made a response to the Recommendations

Health and Ageing Research Team, Massey University.

The Health and Ageing Research Team have just released new research reports on two recent projects: The New Zealand Longitudinal Study of Ageing, and The Living Standards of Older People

More in-depth summary reports on research with older New Zealanders are also available and include the following topics: Caregiving; Health; Cognitive Functioning; Work and Retirement; Social Integration; Socioeconomic Status; Māori Pathways to Retirement; Pacific Perspectives on Ageing; Income, Assets, Poverty and Housing Tenure.

What’s On:

Ageing, Sexuality, Abuse and Discrimination; Results from Two Waves of the Longitudinal Study of Ageing (NZLSA)
Speaker, Charles Waldegrave, Lead Researcher, New Zealand Family Centre, Social Policy Research Unit.
Date: Friday 27 June
Venue: Victoria University, Pipitea Campus, Rutherford House, Lecture Theatre
Time: 12.30pm-1.30pm

Symposium on Women and Children: A ‘State of the nation’: A discussion on life for women and children in New Zealand in Auckland on Friday 4 July 2014. There is a great line up of speakers including a political panel with Hon David Cunnliffe, Hon Paula Bennett, Metiria Turei, Hon Peter Dunne and Tracey Martin represented.

He Tai Pari, 14-15 July (Wellington). Don’t miss this 2 day conference on ‘Outcomes, Evidence and Collaboration in the Social Sector’. Sue Mackwell is one guest speaker, and the conference will update on learnings from the pilot sites and plans for the roll-out of the new Children’s Teams. More info is on the He Tai Pari website.

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